News – November 2021. Due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic on the supply and distribution network, many spare parts for bicycles (especially chains, cogs, inner tubes, tyres, cables) remain in seriously short supply at this point in time. Should you need any of these items fitted to your bike, please call us as we do have limited stocks and we may just have the bits you need. If we don’t, we’ll try very hard to get the stuff but please be understanding if it doesn’t turn up. It’s not our fault.

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Planetary 14 Bikes is a bicycle repair service operated near Berwick-upon-Tweed in North Northumberland.

The owner, Norman Gauld, celebrates 30 years of cycle trade experience in 2021 having worked in various shops (including a national giant) so be assured that he knows a thing or two about bicycles, especially what does and does not work.

If you just need a simple repair or a full blown rebuild, then P14B can help.

Short of time? Car not big enough to carry a bike?

Don’t want your leather seats covered in dirty oil?

We will come and collect your bike from your home.

To make life easier for you, P14B operates a pick up and drop off service. We will come to you and make an assessment of your bike to find out what work needs to be done. After a price is agreed, we will take it back to our workshop for that work to be done. Occasionally, some repairs and adjustments can be made immediately but that depends on the complexity of the job and whether or not we have the appropriate parts and tools in the van. Once we’ve done the work, we’ll call you and arrange for us to bring it back to you.

We do make a charge for this service. It’ll be roughly equivalent to what you would have spent on running costs for your own car should you have brought the bike to us then returned later to pick it up again…

Call or text us on 07546 937700 to arrange a pick up at your convenience

Sometimes we can’t answer straight away. If that’s the case, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can…

If you are looking for our shop, you’ll not find it because, despite what Google says, we don’t have one. We operate using a van and a workshop situated out in the countryside. We don’t have any public access retail space.

We do other stuff as well. Read on for more details…

Electric Bikes

Or, to give them their proper title, ‘Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles.’

Finding hills a bit of a struggle? Want to explore further afield for the same effort? Just plain lazy?

P14B is also the authorised supplier and service agent for Wisper Electric Bikes and, new for 2021, Volt Electric Bikes. We cover North Northumberland and the Eastern Scottish Borders.

Prices currently start from a very reasonable £1,349.00 but, unfortunately, it appears that there will be price rises in the not too distant future.

We have a couple of demonstrator e-bikes that we will bring for you to try at home.

Seriously, you’ll be amazed…

Bikes fitted with hub gears.

For those people who don’t get on with derailleur gears, or simply want something better that is easier to clean, more reliable in operation and needs much less maintenance, we at P14B assemble bikes fitted with an internal gear hub system called the Rohloff Speedhub. It is superb German engineering, mighty fancy stuff and quite excellent.

Other companies assemble bikes fitted with them too but, because of the way we do it, ours generally have a price tag £400-£500 less than theirs…

Our Rohloff bikes are priced from £1,899.

These Rohloff equipped bikes are priced on a par with lower mid range derailleur geared bikes.

We have many years experience in servicing Speedhubs so oil changes, cable replacement, sprocket changes, rim replacement – not a problem. All done with genuine parts to Rohloff specification.

A Rohloff Speedhub is a planetary gear system with 14 speeds.

We’re currently (October 2021) looking into building bikes fitted with Sturmey Archer hub gears and hub brakes. They will be priced a fair bit below the Rohloff offerings, making a low maintenance, easy to use bike that is even more affordable. More news as that develops.

Just so you know – There’s the possibility of price rises before long with the Rohloff stuff as well, so, if you’re thinking about it don’t put off too long. We currently have a few hubs in stock at today’s prices but we can promise nothing about the next batch…

Traditional board games.

Yes, that IS a pirate ship…

Our sister business is on a mission… to think up ways of getting people young and old alike to put their phones down, sit around a table, then talk to each other and share a pizza. Click on the menu tab at the top of this page for more details.

Pizza is optional – having fun is unavoidable…