We do servicing and repairs.

With almost 30 years experience of  all types of bicycle, rest assured that your pride and joy is in good hands.

We have a well equipped workshop and the skills to do most jobs needed on modern  bicycles and also ones that have seen a bit of history!

From a simple puncture repair to a major strip down and refurbishment, we can do it.

Some specialist jobs such as suspension servicing and frame repair/painting  are contracted out to people excellent in their respective fields.

‘Collect and return’

Your time is precious!

We realise that it is not always convenient  for you to take a bike somewhere to get work done  then have to go back and collect it when it is ready.

Some people simply do not have a big enough car  to transport their bike to a repair shop.

In order to make life easier  for you, we operate a ‘collect and return’  service. We can come at a time convenient to you, assess your bike, give a fairly accurate estimate of the cost of the work required and, if you are happy with that and offer us the job, we will take the bike back to our workshop and carry out the work. Once it is done, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to return the bike.

The collect and return service is available at all reasonable hours, Monday to Saturday by mutual agreement.

What does it cost?

It’s £1.00 per mile from Berwick Town Hall to your house, as stated by the shortest route on Google maps. It’s probably as cheap as you could do it yourself, and you’re not wasting your time, or getting your car interior all covered in dirt and oil.

So if, for example,  your house is 7 miles from the Town Hall you will pay £7.00 IN TOTAL to cover our costs in making both trips to collect from you then return to you .

Should you have a small job such as the replacement of a cable/ tyre/tube that we can do at your premises without the need  to return to the workshop,  the charge will be £0.50 per mile.

We do NOT charge for travelling time, only time spent actually repairing /servicing your bike.

This service is limited to a radius of roughly 20 miles from Berwick for operational reasons.

We will endeavour  to get the work done as promptly as we can but please allow time for us to order and receive any parts needed.  We will keep you informed as to timings.

Call us on 07546 937700 or click to email us to tell us what you need done and to get an estimate of the price…