Rohloff Bikes

Bikes are great things but…

…are you tired of crunching the chain and sprockets on your bicycle when changing to a different gear?

…are you sick of  having to mess around lifting your bike up and pedalling by hand when you find yourself in the wrong gear before you start off?

…are you finding yourself clicking twice on the left lever and 4 times on the right then hoping it is the gear you want?

There is a solution to all of this.

We at P14B create bicycles fitted with the Rohloff hub gear system.

The Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 is a German made Internal Gear Hub with 14 ratios.  Read all about them on the ‘Rohloff’ link a bit further below. They are quite excellent, you really ought to try one…

There are a few shops in the U.K. which offer Rohloff equipped bikes. Looking at those bikes, we see that they are very nice and are of quite high specification. Indeed, many of them are good enough to be capable of ’round the world’ tours. However, this is very much reflected in the price which can be a tad out of reach for some.

This is where we come in.

Having spoken to numerous cyclists who mentioned that they would love to own one of these bikes but cannot justify the price, we sat down and worked out a way of creating a Rohloff bike at a more affordable cost.

Here’s how we do it:

We start with a new frame of good quality and a ‘middle of the road’ specification. This is then fitted with components that follow the same ethic, i.e. they are not expensive, fancy parts – just good, solid, workable bits. Apart from the Speedhub itself though, because that is as ‘high end’ as you can get. We take time to make sure that all parts have total compatibility with each other.

Once the bike is built up, it is taken for a big test ride to make sure that it works exactly as it should.

All parts fitted are readily available when they eventually wear out.

We tend to use hybrid frames as they are quite adaptable and work very well as commuter bikes, light/medium tourers or ‘cycle around the countryside for fun’ bikes, but we do use other types of frame as well.

The bikes assembled by us prove to be very capable machines although they are hundreds of pounds (if not thousands) less expensive than those offered by others.

Our bikes are priced from a very reasonable £1,699.

Some examples of what we have built…

Dawes Discovery 201 18″ Priced at £1,725.
Ridgeback Motion 23″ fitted with drop handlebar. My personal bike, NOT for sale but a similar, current model would cost ITRO £1,899.
Dawes Discovery 201 22″ Priced at £1,749. — NOW SOLD

My Ridgeback Motion 23″ on the Water Rail Way Lincoln/Boston 2018 (later converted to drop handlebar as pictured above).
Dawes Discovery 201 drop handlebar 18″ Priced at £1,799.
Also available in 20″ and 22″.

Why choose a  Rohloff Speedhub?

It has 14 gears which are equally spaced

The ability to change gear whilst either under load or standing still

Twist the shifter in one direction to climb a hill, the other to go faster

Straight alignment means less wear to the chain and sprockets

Reliable and easy to live with

Go to for all the information you will need about it…………..

What we’re currently working on…

As of late July 2020 ;

Raleigh Maverick Elite (631 frame) Drop handlebar.

Raleigh Maverick Elite 55cm Reynolds 631 tubing. This will be fitted with a black Speedhub and shallow profile wheel rims. It will be priced in the region of £2,300.
Unfortunately, completion of this bike has been delayed due to a lack of some vital parts which are usually easily obtainable. This is because of unprecedented cycle trade demand caused by Covid 19.

Keep checking back to see others as they are completed…

Please note that we do not sell mail order. We only sell our bikes after a face to face consultation. This is important as we feel it is the only way that we may be absolutely sure that what we have created is correct for the customer. This prevents the disappointment of a bike not being the correct fit or unsuitable for the purpose it is wanted for.

This course of action has been initiated due to having some customers who had not been accurate in informing us as to their requirements and unrealistic expectations of how the bikes would perform in their circumstances.

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