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All of the games you see below work in a similar way. It is about having a set number of turns (or amount of time) in which to venture from a start area, travel around the board collecting points and then return to the start. Once all of the players have done this, the one with the most points is the winner.

The rules are easy to read and understand and it can be played by 1 person (record the final score, play again and try to beat that score) or as many people as you can get around the board.

It has been designed as a game for adults but it’s also very suitable for kids of about 8 years and above. Because it’s quite fast moving, it does seem to hold the attention of young ones well.

The artwork on all of the boards have some interesting and sometimes unexpected things to look at.

A 40 turn game takes about 15 minutes per person to play so it’s not long and tedious like some board games. Or, don’t bother counting the turns, just set your timer to a period of time equivalent to 15 minutes per person playing, then 6 turns each once the buzzer goes…

Contained within each box is a game board, a pack of game play cards, 6 coloured counters, 2 x 6 sided dice, 1 x 4 sided dice and 1 x 20 sided dice.

Important note The ‘How to play’ sheets and the score / turn recording sheets are not included within the box. These are necessary to play the game but, happily, they are available to download free of charge by clicking on the links you see below.

You are most welcome to download these before you buy to see how easy the game is to play and to make sure that it’s suitable for your needs.

Score / turn recording sheet for all AVENTYR series games.

September 2021 – We’ve now been told by a quite a few of our growing band of dedicated players that, instead of counting 40 turns to complete the game, they are using the timer on their mobile phones set to a period equivalent to 15 minutes per person, then, when the alarm goes off, everyone get 6 turns to get back to the start. We’ve now played that way and it works even better than the stupid ‘cross off the numbers’ way-what were we thinking of? Ta for that, people.

Currently, there are 5 different themes available. We intend to add more in the future so please keep checking back here for more information.


Here’s a magazine review of one of our games. We’ve had an option and price restructuring since then. A complete game is now cheaper…

Ah Noooooo! The ‘Singletrack’ people have locked the review. You now have to pay to access the archive. It was very positive, seriously…

Our games are made and dispatched directly to the purchaser by Ivory Graphics in March, Cambridgeshire, in the U.K. We also have them made in the U.S.A. by a company called ‘The Game Crafter’ in Wisconsin who offer us the same splendid service.

AVENTYR – The Mountain Bike Edition

Where it all started – the very first game we designed…

Do you like Mountain Bikes and cycling?
Here’s a board game designed with you in mind…

You are a keen mountain biker and have entered a mountain bike orienteering event. Dotted around the hills are checkpoints with varying points values. You have a set amount of time in which to plan your route, ride your bike through the hills, collect as many points as possible then return to the start/finish area. Once everyone has finished, the person with the most points wins.

However, there are many obstacles out there that might just hinder your progress. You might have a puncture or snap your chain. You might lose your map or be slowed by thick sticky mud. A trail marshall might stop you going along a particular trail but, conversely, you might find a smooth downhill section to speed you on your way or a fellow competitor tells you of a shortcut to save you time…

There are many twists and turns providing fun and laughter along the way. 

You don’t need to know anything about bikes or cycling to play it.

How to play’ sheet – AVENTYR TMBE (2 A4 sides)

To order a copy of AVENTYR – The Mountain Bike Edition please click on the link below;

Click below for the USA manufactured edition. It is the same game but has a different sized box and cards.

Squirrel Quest

This is the second version we produced…

Do you like nature and wildlife?

Then read on…

You are a squirrel going out to gather food to store for the coming winter. There are plenty of nuts, pine seeds and mushrooms in the forest but, now that summer has faded, you don’t have long to collect them.  There are many squirrels out doing the same.  Also, there are other animals going about that will hinder your efforts and may even steal what you’ve already collected. You need to be both clever and lucky to avoid them. You might forget where you have buried some nuts or come across a pine cone another squirrel has buried.

Your aim is to be the squirrel that has collected the most food by the time winter arrives.

You don’t need to know anything about squirrels or wildlife in general to play it.

‘How to Play’ sheet – Squirrel Quest (2 A4 sides)

To order a copy of Squirrel Quest, please click on the link below;

Set course for Spitalmain!

The third one…

It’s about sailing a yacht and having barbecues…

To set the scene;

You been invited by your friends, Ronny and Josie, to a barbecue at the little beach on the Isle of Spitalmain. You have all sailed there from different places but there has been a bit of a misunderstanding — nobody has brought any food to cook! Fortunately, there are many small islands nearby with amazing little shops that  sell a vast choice of really good provisions. You each decide to sail off, collect  some  of these provisions and return before the barbecue starts. However there are things out there to slow your progress. You might get caught in a storm and find yourself swept off course. There may be a problem with your steering gear because of a collision with a whale or a crew member might fall overboard. Conversely, you might find that a fair wind speeds you along at a good rate of knots or a favourable ocean current does the same.
Once everyone has returned to Spitalmain, the yacht that has brought back the most provisions is the winner.

You don’t need to know anything about boats or sailing to play it.

How to Play’ sheet – Spitalmain (2 A4 sides)

To order a copy of Set course for Spitalmain, please click on the link below;

Click below for the USA manufactured edition. It is the same game but has a different sized box and cards.

Speedy-Krate Haulage Co.

The fourth…

Do you like lorries and driving?

Here’s something for you.

You are a lorry driver working for the Speedy–Krate Haulage Co. based at the lorry depot at Upper Snotting. The owner of the company, Algernon P. Speedy-Krate, has in place an ‘Employee of the month’ scheme that sees the driver who delivers the most consignments in a day getting an award. Last month, it was a BIG bucket of mint choc chip ice cream.

Competition is fierce.

Unfortunately, there are lots of things that may get in your way of doing deliveries. You may have an engine problem or a closed road ahead means taking a big diversion. There might be a policeman that requires you to turn back but, then again, you might be unloaded by a forklift quicker than expected or find a shorter lorry route.

Once everyone has returned to the lorry depot, the driver that has delivered the most goods is the winner.

You don’t need to know anything about lorries or how to drive to play it.

‘How to play’ sheet Speedy-Krate Haulage Co.  (2 A4 sides)

To order a copy of Speedy-Krate Haulage Co. please click on the link below;

Click below for the USA manufactured edition. It is the same game but has a different sized box and cards.

Heritage Line

The latest one so far…

Just picture the scene.  You have just started as a steam locomotive driver working for the Lanton Snibble Heritage Railway.  It’s what you’ve wanted all your life, and now, your dream has come true.
You didn’t realise when you first started but there is quite a bit of rivalry amongst the other drivers. The reason for this is that the one that carries the most passengers on any particular day gets the great honour of having their photograph put up above the ticket office window for all to see. Everyone wants that accolade. It might just lead to fame and fortune or, at very least, a couple of pounds extra and a packet of chocolate biscuits with your next pay packet…

As you venture around the board, you will come across various hazards that will slow your journey along the lines. You might come upon a car broken down on a crossing or some sheep wandering around on the track. You could find yourself approaching the Branch Line Stations of Vexingstanley or Horton Heatherslaw then, suddenly, be diverted far away. Conversely, you might find extra passengers unexpectedly getting on your train or have a top up with water or coal meaning you can continue even farther afield. There are many twists and turns providing fun and laughter along the way.

Once all the drivers have return to the main station at Lanton Snibble. the one that has carried the most passengers is the winner.

You don’t need to know anything about trains to play this game.

‘How to play’ sheet  Heritage Line (2 A4 sides)

To order a copy of Heritage Line please click on the link below.

Click below for the USA manufactured edition. It is the same game but has a different sized box and cards.

In the UK, these games are made ‘on demand’ by Ivory Graphics Ltd. of March in Cambridgeshire on behalf of Northman Board Games. When an order is placed, your game will be printed, assembled then posted directly to you from the factory. This process means that it may take 10 days before it reaches you.

Our wonderful printing partner.

All of these games are priced at £39.98 (plus p+p) direct from Ivory Graphics Ltd. which, let’s face it, is less expensive than a mediocre meal out for two. Buying any of these games will prove to be money wisely spent as it will provide many occasions where family and friends sit around a table to play, chat and laugh with each other.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us by clicking the link below.

It’s time to reconnect with people…

Now, where’s the pizza delivery number…?

How it all began.

Way back in the mid 1990s, I competed in a sport called Trailquest. It involved slogging up steep hills on a mountain bike, usually along a muddy track deep in a forest, looking for little marker boards with a pin punch attached. You would punch holes in your control card then carry on to the next marker board. They were miles apart. You then had to find your way back to the start within the 5 hour allotted time or you would get penalty points. After all competitors had safely returned, the one that had the most points won.

I was rubbish at it. I wasn’t very quick. I fell off my bike a few times because of ice and snow. I was often soaked through, cold and miserable. Squirrels threw things at me. After 3 years of competing I attained my best ever finish position, which was 7th last. It was at that point that I decided to bow out as there was obviously no hope of gaining such a high placement ever again….

Although I liked the thought of doing it, my puny body and less-than-all-conquering attitude toward the rain meant that it really wasn’t for me.

I had always liked playing board games as a youngster, I found them fascinating due to the fact that a mix of chance (dice rolling) and decision making could lead to either a good or a bad outcome. A metaphor for life really. I felt that now I had a chance to merge the two concepts and create a sort of virtual Trailquest, with which I could amuse myself. Fired up with enthusiasm, I set about making a board game of it.

It took me 23 years to complete it and get it published...